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Iíve been wanting a HK Mark 23 from the day I first saw it back in 1996.  Iím finally at a place in my life to buy one, so I bought one a couple weeks ago.  Just got some ammo delivered and hoping to shoot in the next day or so.  My first accessory is going to be a suppressor.

I like that.   I want to look into a suppressor license.  Leme know what you find out.   I didnít think Michigan was a state you could own one. 

I believe you just have to purchase a "tax stamp" along with the suppressor. No special license required. One time purchase, no annual fees, etc...


I bought the P2000, .40 Cal, law enforcement.   Night sites.   I love it.   Picked up a few more H&K mags too.
Iíll get a new barrel with the threads on from H&K fir a silencer.  I ordered the conceal carry mag foot w/ out the finger rest to carry.  You can see both in pic. 

Americans.   :-X


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