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Oil Filters Cut Open

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I posted this before, photo bucked hosed me so here it is again.
The Delco is quality on the inside. No coil spring but not bad.
I've done quite a few brands, guess that makes me a filter "Historian" lmao. 
I have a Nissan filter off the Q45.  I'll chop it next week.  It's draining out rite now.

I'm not sure if I want to cut open a "nos" filter...

What does that fit?

Here's a Nissan/Infiniti cut.   Good Quality

Do a Fram!  Do a Fram!

Better yet.. do a cheapie Fram from Autozone... and do one of the more high-dollar tough-guard ones...

Wondering if the cheapies still have cardboard endcaps on the element.


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