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Latest Find...a '72 Chevelle
« on: July 28, 2022, 01:31:50 AM »
I bought my latest interesting find 2 months ago after spotting it on "Barnfinds.com"...a rare '72 Chevelle 4-door hardtop.  The ad for the car was on Ebay and seller posted several photos of the car which showed it was a survivor.  Bidding was up to $7,500 with 5 days until the close of the auction.  The ad had a buy-it-now price of $11k, which didn't seen unreasonable for a desirable Chevelle with an attractive body style and color scheme.  The phone number for his business (a body shop in Oceanside, NY...on the SW side of Long Island, 6 miles east of Coney Island) was in one of the photos, so I called it and talked to the seller, Tom.  It was very well equipped with a 350 2-barrel V8, a Turbo 350 trans, A/C, power steering and brakes, tinted glass, Rally wheels with whitewall tires, a factory AM-FM stereo radio, clock, body side molding, and a tilt steering column.  It also came with its Protect-o-plate, owner's manual, plastic bag that held its documents, and several other factory bits of documentation.  Tom bought the car in '21 from the estate of a car collector in Maine who had owned it for about 20 years, and it had only had 2 other owners.  He said that it drove like a new car and had just turned 100k miles.  We worked out a price of $10.5k and I sent him a down payment on Paypal and agreed to pick it up within 2 weeks. 

I took my 9 yr-old son Alex with me to get the car from the NYC metro area, and told my wife we were going to visit family in Kansas for a week (she obviously stayed home in Ohio).  Yes, yes...I know I shouldn't lie to her, but if I had asked permission she would've said "HELL NO!".  Anyway, I digress.  Alex and I had a great trip driving a U-haul truck and car dolly to NYC (about 575 miles east of Columbus), and when we got there we cruised around in our new purchase for 45 minutes...we stopped at Nathan's in Coney Island (world famous hot dogs since 1916, although the price has increased from 5 cents to $5). 

The P-O-P shows that the car's original owner was a woman named Edna Kuntz (I believe the name is pronounced "Koonce", and not what you perverts on here first thought  >:D).  The car was purchased from Perl Chevrolet-Buick in Coffeyville, KS in June of '72. 
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Re: Latest Find...a '72 Chevelle
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2022, 09:12:18 AM »
Very cool, is the Camaro gone or still around?
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Re: Latest Find...a '72 Chevelle
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2022, 05:04:10 PM »
Nice find.
If it isnít in a box can it really be nos?


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